Actor-Hypnotist Jailed after Sexual Assault against Teen

Aaron John Patton, 39, an American actor and clinical hypnotherapist, was convicted of sexual assault after engaging in carnal activities with a minor in 2008. He is sentenced to six years of jail time after the Androscoggin County Superior Court in Maine rejected his defense in May this year.

In addition to the six-year sentence and probationary period, Patton was also sentenced to another four years for sexual abuse and unlawful sexual contact. Patton’s counsel, Henry Griffin, protested the rather long sentence given to his client.

Patton initially posted bail of $1,000 in June 2010. Superior Court Justice Donald Marden dropped the additional prison terms. Accordingly, Patton will only spend a total of six years behind bars.

Sentence Brought Down

The sentence was brought down on Monday following an hour and half long debate. The father of the victim tearfully read a statement by which he expressed his complete devastation after learning of the incident. The father told the judge that his daughter’s innocence was taken away from her, when it should have been slowly lost over time.

The girl, who Patton molested, was only eight years old when she first underwent hypnotism treatment to put an end to her nail-biting habit. The teen appeared in court to testify against Patton who started sexually abusing her when she was 12 years old. Two years later, Patton started having unlawful sexual contact with the victim.  She was only 14 years old then, but Patton claimed that she was already 16, the legal age of consent in Maine. The victim is now 17 years old.

According to the girl’s testimony, Patton would have sex with her about once a week in his Livermore Falls apartment. They would do it in front of the mirror, so that both of them could watch what they were doing.

Patton was said to have engaged her not only with sexual intercourse, but also in anal and oral sex. After each incident, Patton would hypnotize the girl after sex to make her feel more comfortable and to “boost her confidence”.

Police Investigate Further

The police searched the Patton’s apartment following his arrest, and they found the book “Sex and Hypnosis” together with a lingerie that Patton had bought for the victim.

The girl admitted that her sexual relationship with Patton was consensual, but there were occasions when Patton would use guilt to persuade her to have sex with him. Patton was repeatedly quoted saying that he loved the girl then and he loves her still. He also apologized for the hurt he has brought to the girl and her family.

As a clinical hypnotist, Patton helps people recover from bad habits through hypnotism. He advertised his services through local newspapers and practices his discipline in his Livermore Falls apartment. He is a certified member of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

In addition to hypnotism, Patton is likewise a master palm reader. Patton appeared in a few movies, the most notable of which was “Armageddon” in which he played a bit role alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood.


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