Aggravated Assault in Portland

State v. M.T.

Defense Attorney:
Matthew B. Nichols

Aggravated Assault

Maximum Sentence:
10 years in prison

Self Defense


Client was a bouncer in an Old Port bar in Portland. After repeated altercations with a drunken alleged victim, client punched the alleged victim – rendering him unconscious.

Alleged victim (age 24) was in a coma for six weeks and has severe permanent impairment. This incident received an enormous amount of press coverage resulting in the closing of the bar (the Portland Police Chief led the media/city council blitz). One eyewitness and several police officers testified for the state. The prosecution also played a video tape of Client’s “confession”.

The defense called a very credible eyewitness whom the investigators over-looked. The defense also called two free lance photographers (one took a series of photographs immediately after the punch). Client also testified. The jury found that client acted in self-defense.


Not Guilty

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