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OUI Defense

Maine DUI arrests are complicated and expensive. They can be highly embarrassing and can follow you for the rest of your life through revoked driver’s license and permanent record implications. Nichols & Churchill specialize in Maine OUI and DUI cases and can help avoid much of the pain and headache that comes with a drunk driving arrest.

If you have been arrested in Maine for drunk driving, our team of lawyers can help. We offer free OUI defense consultations that will answer any questions that you may have regarding any aspect of your case.

Portland Maine OUI Attorney Matthew B. Nichols

portland dui attorney matt nicholsWith over 20 years of law experience, Matt Nichols is one of the most successful OUI attorneys in Maine. He has been able to help countless victims in and around the Portland area have their criminal charges dropped or greatly reduced as they relate to alcohol related arrests. Mr. Nichols has also devoted himself to appearing at various seminars and gatherings to give talks on his defense of OUI and DUI charges in Maine. He is one of the most versed in the subject and has a success rate to prove it.

Maine OUI Laws

Maine Drunk Driving Law often falls within the OUI (operating under the influence) bucket which can be interchanged with DUI and DWI. There are many specific OUI penalties in Maine such as legal limits of BAC (blood alcohol content), sobriety tests and their refusal, and the use of Intoxylizers (also known as Breathalyzers). Understanding the full scope of the Maine legal system can make a difference for your long term success with fighting a drunk driving charge.

If you have been charged with OUI, you will face two separate proceedings.  One is a criminal case in court with potential fines, jail and a license suspension.  The other is an administrative license suspension proceeding with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The BMV will mail you a Notice of Suspension usually within a couple of weeks after the incident. Make sure the BMV has your current mailing address so you don’t miss the notice.  You have due process rights to fight both proceedings.

Questions to Answer

Do you know how many drinks you can have before you are legally “drunk”?

Do you have to take a sobriety test?

What are the police allowed to do and what are they not allowed to do?

OUI Defense in Maine  – Get Your Free Consultation

If you can’t answer these questions and have been charged with an OUI, you need to contact a qualified team of dui defense lawyers immediately. Penalties for the a conviction can be up to a year in jail  and $5,000 fine. If you hire a lawyer, the chances of those happening decrease exponentially.

Nichols & Churchill is one of the top Maine Law Firms for OUI and drunk driving cases. If you have been arrested, call them today for a free case evaluation.

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